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Dan Derezinski

 Dan Derezinski, MS, LPC, CSAC, is a state Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor.

Dan has been long dedicated to personal growth in himself and others. He's provided therapy and counseling in both substance abuse treatment and community mental health. Dan offers a heart-centered approach to counseling, bringing empathy and compassion to his work with individuals. Committed to the inherent value of each person, Dan naturally "joins" with others in a way that is truly validating. He believes in the given potential within each of us for health and well-being. With focus on increasing inner-awareness and living more consciously as the foundation for personal growth and a return to health, Dan devotedly works side by side with clients to help discover their unique path toward wholeness.

Dan's counseling interests are far reaching. He works with individuals, couples, families and groups, including adults and adolescents. In addition to working with the full spectrum of mental health concerns like depression and anxiety, as well as substance abuse issues, Dan works with Department Of Corrections referrals, OWI referrals, individuals with developmental disabilities, and individuals from various racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds.